About Us

This ministry is solely based on the Love, Mercy & Grace of God. With this in mind, we view the local church as a fellowship of believers who are willing to serve and not just be served. We are a church with a strong belief of discipleship. Therefore we do not believe that the gifts given by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are done away with. These gifts are still available to those who believe, as stated in the Word of God. These gifts give believers the ability to not only live a Godly life, but also to carry out the great commission. So if you are looking for a fellowship that does not expect you to be perfect but is willing to show the love of God; A church that is willing not only to receive you as you are, but help you have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, then we just might be the fellowship for you.  We would love to have you and your family join us in service on Sunday.